In 1995, as part of our long-term objectives, Sylvite Sales purchased a terminal and liquid mix plant located in Lewistown, PA. The new company, Sylco Service & Terminal Company has become a major distribution center for basic producers of fertilizer. Sylco has storage capacity in excess of 40,000 tons of dry material and an additional 25,000 tons of liquid material. The facility is situated adjacent to what was the Conrail rail yard with the ability to receive and offload 75 & 100 car unit train shipments. As an added benefit to our clientele, we have a state-of-the-art liquid mixing facility which augments our packaging line. Sylco's material handling and mixing experience add a wide range of value added features to the market in which we are located and service, from the local corn producers to the high-end fertilizer specialty golf course industry. Sylco custom manufactures to virtually all specifications as required by our customers. Once material is received and produced, a fleet of company owned and operated trucks takes over the job delivering materials to dealerships and distribution centers. By completing the cycle with our own people, we can ensure that deliveries are made on time, every time.

Sylco Service & Terminal Company, headed by Jeffrey R. Stine with its headquarters in Lewistown, PA, serves as the operations division. The company manages dry and liquid storage facilities located at various sites in the mid-atlantic area. In addition to its fleet of over the road dry and liquid trucks and trailers, Sylco dispatches freight to and from the many ports of entry on the East Coast and the river system as well as inland transfer points. Sylco operates blending, packaging, liquid manufacturing and jugging of all the major grades of fertilizers utilized in the northeast for agriculture as well as turf and ornamental fertilizers. In addition, the principal site has virtually unlimited rail car capacity and is capable of direct transfers that include inter modal freight for both liquid and dry products. The plant site was designed to accommodate receiving and shipping of numerous products simultaneously at large volume capacity elevators, and systems for pumping to minimize turn around. This facility has become known for its one stop shopping for plant nutrients, including a complete line of micro nutrients. The growing demand for size specific and tight uniformity has justified a system designed for crushing and sizing various nutrients to accommodate a year around demand for specialty products.

We are committed to exploring sustainable developments at every level of our company. While we do not think or operate like a commodity company, most often our products are sold into a commodity market. Thus, it is essential that we remain focused as a prominent high volume, high value-added, efficient and competitive supply source. We continue to adapt to constant changes within our industry in order to meet our preferred customers needs and to minimize the volatility of all plant nutrient inputs. Since freight is always an important part of the final selling price, we are always evaluating options of rail vs. barge or river vs. ocean transportation and handling options.

Security vulnerability analyses have been completed at our facility. We are in constant communication with community support and training services.


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